Instructions - How do I build the Yogacito wall shelf?

Good, that you have chosen our mindful wall shelf for your yoga mat.
She deserves this place of honor!


Here is a short illustrated guide that will give you to help assemble your wall shelf. The wall shelf was designed so that assembling works quickly and easily so that you can enjoy it as quickly as possible with all the features.

Here we go!


SET check ✔️
You received the following set for assembling your wall shelf:
2x Stainless steel brackets
2x Wooden dowels
2x Screws with dowels for the wall
1x Allen key
6x Screws for the 2x brackets
3x Body connector
3x Connector housing





Insert 2x wooden dowels

Insert the wooden dowels into the second hole from the left and right of the wooden board without the Yogacito logo.
* If necessary, help carefully with a hammer so that the wooden dowels slide better into the wood.





Tighten 3x cabinet connectors

Use a suitable screwdriver to screw the cabinet connectors into the other holes on the same board.


Handregal und Werkzeug



Put wooden boards on top of each other

Now you can put the two boards together with light pressure. Make sure that all the heads of the body connectors and the dowels are in the correct holes on the second board before you push the board down.
And don't worry: you can use a little more force here to push the wooden board down as well as possible.


Verbindung der Bretter Wandregal



Tighten the connector housing 3 times

You will now see the body connectors on the back of your bracket. For each body connector you have a connector housing that you can easily insert into the holes. Tighten these with a screwdriver. This pulls the wooden boards closer together and at the same time they are firmly connected to each other.


Wandregal und Werkzeug



Attach 2x brackets

Now use the holes to place the 2x stainless steel brackets on the wall shelf and use the Allen key to tighten 3x screws per bracket.


Wandregal und Halterung
Wandregal und Halterung mit Schrauben


TA-DA! Your wall shelf is completely built.
With the supplied screws and dowels, you can now attach your shelf to the wall. All you need is a drill.


Yogacito tip:


1) Just before you put your wall shelf on the wall, please remember to measure the positions of the holes for the wall well and mark them on the wall before you start drilling.
2) You should drill your holes relatively deep into the wall so that the screw heads don't protrude too far from the wall. The fewer screw heads that can be seen, the closer the wall shelf will be to the wall and therefore more stable. 


Wandregal fertig gebaut


We wish you a lot of fun with it!
best regards
Taise and the Yogacito team