About us

Yogacito started in 2021 with the mission to support all of our yoga practices with ecologically sustainable yoga accessories and to make home yoga as beneficial and relaxing as possible. Because not only does our stressful everyday life simply do not allow yoga in the studio, YouTube videos and online yoga are also becoming increasingly popular, which is why yoga at home is often more practical. Because we feel comfortable in our own four walls and still save time. But in the practice at home, we often lack the equipment that supports us in yoga and makes the practice easier.

For this reason, Yogacito was brought into being by the two founders Taise Knutsen and Tobias Bürger. Taise, a native of Brazil, is herself practicing yoga teacher in Berlin and knows many demands on yoga from practice. Like many other beginners, Tobias only came to yoga through the lockdowns during the corona pandemic in 2020 and therefore knows the practice mainly from his living room at home, which ultimately led to the desire to be able to practice yoga professionally and in an organized manner at home.


Our values 


Environmental awareness

Yoga is about being in harmony with our environment and the people around us. Our products are therefore all produced sustainably and as locally as possible. 

  • Every transport route is CO2-compensated by us at the end of the year;
  • We support European forests that are threatened by climate change. To do this, at the end of the year we plant twice as many trees as were used by our wood products;
  • The materials used in our products are durable, reusable and carefully selected. We always try to guarantee the best certifications and organic standards.


Sustainable products

Wall shelf yoga mat 

Yoga is our world, our passion and has long been the focus of our lives.
Because this center has been integrated more and more into our home, both worlds have merged more and more. Yoga takes place everywhere in the apartment, whether it's the practice in the living room at home, the smell of incense in the kitchen or yoga literature on the bookshelf.

In order to have all the utensils for daily practice at hand quickly and in an organized manner, we have designed a wall shelf for our yoga mats and want to share all the benefits this brings with the yoga community. This protects your yoga mat not only from falling over and rolling around, but also from dust and other external influences that can damage the sensitive surface. Your yoga mat immediately gains the place of honor that it has long earned. Since we not only need a yoga mat for our practice, but often also blocks, candles, blankets, incense or eye pillows for meditation, we have also provided our wall shelf for the yoga mat with a shelf on which you can easily put all the utensils for your practice can stow away.

Candles, eye pillows and cleaning spray for yoga practice

Since we have particularly high demands on the products related to our yoga practice, we have developed some of them ourselves and manufacture them together with local handicrafts in Berlin. These include candles made from pure soy wax, enriched with French oil compositions, which we offer together with reusable ceramic candle vessels.
The shop also offers eye pillows made of GOTS-certified poplin fabric, filled with organic flaxseed and organic lavender from France, as well as all-natural cleaning spray with essential oils for a long life of your yoga mats.



Our company was founded in troubled times. Both economically and politically; at a time when the brutalization of language is always accelerating and the "I" seems to be the motivator for many actions.
Our goal is for Yogacito to become an integral part of the yoga community, to impart knowledge and thus to encourage people to do more together again. Because yoga is not only a training for body and mind, it also means to bring oneself into harmony with one's surroundings and to live in harmony with them. Because only together we are able to transform this world into a better one.