Yoga zu Hause - Wie pflege und reinige ich meine Yogamatte richtig?

Yoga at home - How do I clean my yoga mat properly?

Yoga mats are important to us and when looking for the perfect yoga mat we always put a lot of effort into it, such as comparing offers or asking fellow yogis for their opinion. BUT do we really take regular care of the yoga mat, which is so essential for our yoga practice?!?!

Why should I take care of my yoga mat?

Often, due to our hectic daily lives or busy schedules, we forget to care for and disinfect our yoga mats after practice, even though we know deep inside (and often on the outside) that it could use a cleaning.

Regardless of the fact that we use our yoga mats all by ourselves, they get a great deal of wear and tear from sweat, dust, and dirt on a regular basis. Cosmetic products such as creams or makeup further contribute to our yoga mats being put to the test on a daily basis. Just like sportswear, our yoga mat mats can become a susceptible place for bacteria and fungus to grow.


How can I use my yoga mat longer?

To prolong the life of your mat and to avoid that it starts to smell after some time, I recommend you to clean your yoga mat regularly with a cleaning product and to disinfect it after each practice. Natural cleaners without chemicals and alcohol are best for this, so as not to damage or change the structure of your mat.

Since I used to slide around on the mat with my hands, I decided to buy a B yoga mat some time ago. In addition to being non-slip, it is made mostly of biodegradable natural rubber - an absolute plus for me. Still, after each use, I noticed stains from sweat or dust on the yoga mat. As I quickly realized that the mat requires a lot of care and that the natural material is a bit more special, I started to make my own natural yoga mat cleaner free of harmful ingredients and in a reusable bottle. This should not only prevent the growth of bacteria, but also keep my mat well-smelling and properly nourished for a long time. With success!


Is a yoga mat spray suitable for cleaning your mat?

Since every yoga mat is unique, I have created a small overview for you so that you can be sure that a natural cleaning spray is also the best option for your yoga mat. 

Overview use of cleaning products for different yoga mats:
  • Almost all of cleansers are great for PVC and TPE yoga mats
  • Cleaning sprays with essential oils, which have excellent natural disinfecting and antibacterial properties, are also very suitable for yoga mats Natural rubber material mix
  • At Natural rubber mats you should be a little more careful, as cleaners can affect the slip resistance, which you definitely want to avoid during practice. That said, mat sprays that contain a low concentration of essential oils work well here, too.

I've had the best experience with essential oils so far. Not only does the yoga mat smell much fresher, it also avoids unnecessary chemicals and alcohol that can harm the mat. Your yoga mat will thank you for it and will surely stay with you for quite a while longer.

How do I properly clean my yoga mat?


Tip: Each cleaning spray behaves differently on your yoga mat, also depending on how you have previously cared for it. Therefore, it is best to just try it yourself, let the spray work for a moment and enjoy the new freshness of your yoga mat.

If you are still looking for a suitable cleaning spray, check out the Yogacito cleaning sprays. These are:

  • handmade with Virginiana organic witch hazel water
  • containing only bio essential oils
  • in a reusable glass spray bottle
  • with fine atomizer for economical use
  • also as room spray applicable

Enjoy your yoga practice with a well-smelling and well-cared yoga mat!