Egal, was du kannst, Yoga ist auch für dich!

No matter what you can do, yoga is for you too!

When I finished my yoga teacher training and invited friends to my first yoga classes, I often heard sentences like “I'm not flexible enough for yoga” or “Yoga is not for me”. Although I tried to explain to them that yoga practice is for everyone, a few of them still didn't show up to my classes....
Yoga zu Hause – in 5 Schritten zum eigenen Heimstudio

Yoga at home - in 5 steps to your own home studio

Can you actually set up your own little yoga studio at home? 
I will explain how you can fulfill this dream in 5 easy steps. With it you not only do yoga more often, but also better and more relaxed with all your yoga accessories organized in one place.
In 4 Schritten zu längerem Kerzenglück - Kerzenguide für zu Hause

4 steps for longer candle happiness - your candle guide at home

The candle guide for at home in 4 easy steps. How does a candle last a long time and how do I properly care for my candle? In order to be able to use candles at home or for yoga practice for a particularly long time, we have put together 4 great tips so that you have even more of your beloved candles.
Yoga zu Hause - Wie pflege und reinige ich meine Yogamatte richtig?

Yoga at home - How do I clean my yoga mat properly?

Do I actually have to clean my yoga mat?
Why doesn't my yoga mat smell so fresh anymore?
Which cleaning agents are suitable for my yoga mat?

Yoga mats are important to us and when looking for the perfect yoga mat we always go to great lengths to compare offers or ask enthusiastic yogis for their opinion. BUT do we really take care of the yoga mat afterwards, which is so indispensable for our yoga practice ?!

We clarify your most important questions and show you how easy it is to keep your yoga mat clean! 

Here you will find information about yoga practice and how you can design it according to your needs. Everything to do with yoga at home, taking care of your yoga mat or simply interesting facts about great asanas and relaxation exercises.